Know Your Government


Know Your Government is an attempt to raise awareness about political leaders in India in common person.

Our Information Base

Our database currently has information of elected Members of Parliaments and Chief Ministers of different States
For Collecting Information & Stats we referred to : Lok Sabha Portal - India 60 - My Neta Info

How to Use It?


Sample Search

Our search box maps a partially entered name to the existing ones we have in our database. The search feature may also be used for searching for a party or for politicians of a state.

Location-wise search

Sample Location Detection

Location service lets you discover leaders by three different modes. You can search for a location / Detect your current location / Import location data from Google+ (Sample )

You can now also discover through different politicial parties. Check out all of them here

Politician Information

Effort has been made to summarise all relevant information we could gather from relevant sources and display on this page.


The background information column includes State, Party and a relevant profile picture. Additionally, if available, the age and Constituency of the candidate is shown.


We display statistics of attendance in parliament , education, number of debates participated in, number of questions asked and the net worth as declared on the official lok sabha / rajya sabha website. The More link provides with comparison of individual stats with those of national averages

Updates & content

Relevant recent news and updates from twitter for a politician are displayed in center. Incase, no releavnt information is found, we look for relevant videos.

Sentiment Analysis

We perform Sentiment Analysis of the content we fetch from news sources and social media using NLP algorithms of Alchemy Sentiment API

How We Do it?

Our Tech Stack

  • Google App Engine
  • Google Data Store
  • Flask, Jinja2
  • Google Maps API
  • Google+ Signin
  • Google News API
  • Youtube API
  • Google Speech API
  • Twitter API
  • Alchemy Sentiment
  • Google Translate toolkit, Google+ Comments